About Us

In 1991 Venture Technologies, Inc., was started as a Manufacturer's Representative and Consulting Company.

Over the years as our Customers and Market base grew, we used our expertise in the areas of Manufacturing Productivity to expand into many different disciplines, which provided our customers the Single Source Solution to many of their on going needs.

The Value of our relationship with our Vendors and Customers lies in the Synergy we generate through broad-based solutions to customer problems and needs.

We supply in-depth multilevel, interdepartmental coverage, helping to bridge the frequently encountered communications gap between purchasing, manufacturing and engineering. Our advice is cogent because of the familiarity we achieved over the years not only with the customers needs, but also with the customers total corporate culture.

Our greater market exposure gives us access to a broader range of information to be analyzed with objectivity and added perspective. This becomes critical when the customer's need diverges from the manufacturing standard operation procedures.

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3047 Brentmoor Dr./St. Charles, Missouri 63303/phone: 636.939.3827 / email: vntur@vtech-1.com