Beginning in the 1980’s, Comco USA began supplying domestic HVAC OEM’s with rotary draw CNC pipe benders for bending copper tubing. Today, we also supply CNC pipe benders to the automotive, aircraft and specialty contract manufacturing industries world-wide, as well as the furniture, construction, and medical markets.

Comco USA continues to be the industry leader in providing the highest quality machines available, along with dependable support. We have listened to our customers and our windows controller is now even better suited to meet the demands of a changing market, while providing the ease of operation and a very stable platform that will insure your production longevity. With an install base now growing to around 800 machines in North America


Comco USA’s brand new TMS series CNC bender. We have created a machine that will cost less while retaining all of our quality, speed and flexibility. We’ve achieved it through re-engineering and through utilizing all the newest technologies available, specifically from Mitsubishi. In our extensive interaction with our customers, they have told us quick tooling changeover is critical in today’s challenges. We’ve not only listened but also implemented a quick-change tooling process that allows set-ups in less than 10 minutes. We’ve also converted our pressure system to servo controlled, which allows the operator to recall the setting. And, for the environment and other savings, we’ve implemented a hydraulic system with automatic shut-off.

The Comco KB Seris CNC benders provide the extreme accuracy required across a wide range of materials and wall thicknesses and provides superior quality bends to please the most demanding customer requirements and the compact design, saves valuable floor space in your production area.

Our Windows based controller enhances your bottom line by reducing new part development times, providing virtually unlimited program storage capacity, and reducing scrap. Whether you’re doing OEM production or job work.


Our COMCO CNC Rotary Head Benders are specially engineered for long tube bending.
This machine is best for bending longer pipe by utilizing a rotating bending head.


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