RDI Laser Blanking Systems announces its new Coil Fed Laser Blanking System, the latest innovation in laser cutting. This patented system combines the benefits of continuous coil feeding with the precision and flexibility of laser cutting resulting in unmatched cost savings.  Laser cutting from coil reduces cost per part by providing greater flexibility to quickly change between production runs and reduces manual labor for handling sheets and stacking finished parts.  When compared to mechanical blanking systems the coil fed laser system eliminates the cost of expensive dies, provides the ability to cut high strength steels, and requires a smaller foot print freeing up more production floor space.

A unique characteristic of this line is its ability to continuously laser cut parts from coiled strip. Precision servo motors control both the strip feed and the laser traverse, which results in high accuracy cutting. Since the laser only moves on (1) one axis, the "X" direction, and the sheet traverse in the "Y" direction, there is no flashback onto the bottom side of the part, leaving a clean, high quality edge. Part nesting can be optimized better than in traditional blanking lines, therefore reducing scrap and saving material. * No die and maintenance costs * Highly flexible with low or high volume production * High or low strength steel processing * Part nesting=less scrap * Reduced labor costs * Low power consumption * Productivity increases of 50% or more vs. sheet fed systems Catalog Information video
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