Quick Die Change (QDC) systems from Wardcraft Conveyor are innovative products that allow you to significantly cut your die change time, increasing the efficiency and quality of your stamping operations. These systems also reduce the risk of injuries associated with lift and movement of dies. By utilizing our QDC products, your company will benefit from:

•Increased press running time
•Standardized consistency
•Better die protection
•Lowered parts inventories
•Improved Safety
•Increased employee teamwork and morale
Wardcraft Conveyor provides a number of different patented QDC products that can lift smaller dies from one ton up to large dies of 80 tons.


The TEE-LIFT® Quick Die Change (QDC) system from Wardcraft Conveyor is a 
patented pneumatic die lifting system that can work with dies weighing up to 
20 tons. This system is comprised of steel rails that are custom designed to 
fit into your specific application, with spun polyester/TPU-lined air bags tactfully
positioned below in designated T-slots. When shop air is injected into the air bags, 
the rails are pneumatically lifted to the shoulder stop in the T-slots. Crowned 
rollers (set in the rails) are subsequently raised 1/8” above the bolster surface, 
easily lifting the die in the process.

When the original die is removed and a new die is positioned on the TEE-LIFT® system, the air is released, bringing the rollers and rails below the bolster surface and leaving the die securely in place. The weight of a die will determine whether the die can be positioned manually or mechanical assistance is required for adding/unloading.

The DI-GLIDE® Quick Die Change (QDC) system is Wardcraft’s heavy-duty version of the TEE-LIFT® QDC system. As Wardcraft’s largest configuration, this pneumatic die lifting system has the muscle to move dies up to 80 tons in weight. Its simple construction adds durability and allows for various mounting options in/on a press bolster.

Operating like the TEE-LIFT® system, the DI-GLIDE® system features rollers that have a 4,000 lb capacity each. When air is injected into the neoprene bag underneath the rails, they are lifted by 3/8” to the shoulder stops, which places the rollers ¼” above the bolster surface, lifting the die in place to this height.


Wardcraft Conveyor offers a patented half-turn mechanical die clamp known as DI-CLAMP™—the original die clamp. This clamp is the preferred application for holding dies in place, especially when utilizing one of our Quick Die Change systems. It is economical, lightweight and simple to install.

The unique attributes of the Wardcraft DI-CLAMP™ include:

•Fits into standard T-slots
•Clamp force of 5 to 15 tons
•Clamping area does not rotate with nut
•Assembly stays together (no misplaced pieces)
•Optional handle
•Optional heel block
•Optional U-attachment


Wardcraft Conveyor provides bolster extensions to create a safer and more stable work area for die handling and removal. Our bolt-on-rail, medium-duty bolster extensions aid in the safe, efficient removal of dies with a rail capacity of 2,500 lbs each. They are available in lift-off, fold-over and swivel styles, and in standard lengths up to 36”.

When dealing with massive dies, heavy-duty bolster extensions from Wardcraft Conveyor are the ideal choice for their safe removal. Each rail has a capacity of 7,500 lbs, but adding support legs increased that capacity to a hefty 25,000 lbs. Heavy-duty bolster extensions are available in lengths of 36”+ and are available in three distinct styles.

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